At Make Vegas Pay we specialize in live sports betting analysis and believe that every underdog has their day. When pre-game picks are not looking great, we focus on hedging/money management to get yourself back on the right track. Start enjoying your Sunday's again, we got you!

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"Joined MVP Consulting last year and learned so much about how to bet the NFL and other sports while managing my bankroll and being in the green by taking their expert recommendations. I saw the most success in their live bet alerts where they maximized value during games and I haven’t seen anyone in the industry do this! "

Dres P.

"Made money back for the month subscription week one. These guys are legit and pros at what they do for the community. Have talked to both of them one on one respond quickly to all messages. There has been a lot more green weeks than red since I’ve join this community. Two thumbs up indeed!! "

Jason H.

"Loved their telegram chat, and the daily texts with live bets were extremely clutch! Are they always gonna be right.. no they aren’t, but they will own up on bad plays and they always bounce back making you more than you lost!"

Kasen F.

"Thank you so much for all of your help and advice. I always feel that I am ahead because you always tell me the next steps I need to take, you guys are incredible listeners. You guys made betting on plays stress-free, and I wouldn't be as far ahead in my bankroll as I am without you. I really appreciate you and keep up the great job guys!"


"I have been a part of the MVP community for about 4 months now and it’s been wonderful. Not only have I received great pics I have also gotten a lot better at sports betting in general. Simon and Brandon have taught me many key details to look for in sports betting such as hedging and late game line movement. If you are considering joining don’t hesitate!!"

Matt S.

"Great value in subscribing to the guys' group and receiving the pics. Easy to use their service via email/telegram group and always open to providing helpful insight with pics outside of their own. Track record speaks for itself."


"Great value in this product and received valuable insight on sports betting."

James E.

"Overall the boys over at MVP are honestly second to none. I’ve seen plenty of the “cappers” that social media has to offer, and none of them compare to what Blay and Sweiss have built over here at MVP. My title says it all, the two of them are smart honest, and most importantly accessible. It is obvious to even the uneducated sports fan, that their picks are well put together, thought out, and have evidence to back them up. On top of smart picks, the fellas are honest. No matter how good or bad the week was they are truly 100% transparent and are upfront about that with all their customers. Something like that is truly rare nowadays in my opinion. And lastly, accessible is an understatement for them. Blay and Sweiss have made it easier than ever on ways to communicate with them. Between email, telegram group chats, and their live play text message services it is almost impossible that you won’t hear back from one of or even both of them if you have an issue. And of course, the most important part, tailing them and riding their picks has made me money and I am positive in the long run which of course we love the most. Nothing short of amazing over here at MVP with Blay and Sweiss. Much more winning to come!"

Matthew M.

"Emails and MVP chat have been great but I haven’t been able to receive the text updates. I’ve voiced this concern multiple times and they said they would fix it but never did. Very disappointing."

Riley T.

"Overall being a M.V.P is great! Are there gonna be times where their bets don’t hit and you miss out of course! But these guys work tirelessly to get the best picks for you and when they do make a mistake they own it and move on. Also one of the only few people that had a +18 unit weekend! Love you guys. "


"They have given me my most wins so far this year. Are they always but they are in the 75% range in football."

Michael R.

"M.V.P Consulting is a unique service for individuals looking to learn about sports betting. The numbers and Risk management allow consumers to understand the business and hedge properly."

Zoran S.

"I have been working with Simon and M.V.P Consulting for years. He is always finding new ways for clients to make money and this year the system allows for profits in a way not scene before."

Thedore S.

"M.V.P Consulting is my go to for sports betting information. Simon and the team has taught me the principles of how to successfully risk manage. For anyone who wants a simple explanation on how to win consistently, stick with M.V.P Consulting."

Marcos L.